Exfolliation & Ingrown Hair

Skin exfoliation is the partial removal of the upper layer of dead skin cells on the dermis. This can be done in a variety of ways and is particularly beneficial for people who suffer with ingrown hairs after hair removal. This is because a layer of dead skin cells can interfere with the newly emerging hair by clogging the hair follicle and causing it to ingrow. Additionally regular exfoliation brings any pre-existing ingrown hairs to the surface and allows them to pop out.

Types of exfoliation are divided into two main areas, chemical and physical. listed bellow are some of the most popular.

The traditional Loofah is probably one of the most recognisable methods of exfoliation. This is used when showering or bathing and used in conjunction with soap and water.

Pumice stone
A rough stone that when rubbed against skin remove dead or compacted skin. More often used on calluses and hard skin on the feet.

Exfoliating gloves
A relatively new form of exfoliator. Used in the shower or bath simply put the glove on and shower as normal. Effective for all over exfoliation on a regular basis

Body Buff, Sugar and Coconut oil scrub

Body Buff is and exfoliating body masque made using Coconut oil, Sugar and a blend of essential oils and Aloe Vera. Used Daily this delightful blend delivers satin smooth skin

Coconut oi sugar scrubs are often used in more up market ranges of exfoliating products together with fragrance and essential oils, sugar and Coconut oil are a brilliant way of suspending sugar in oil as coconut oil is solid at room temperature yet melts on contact with the skin. The sugar does not dissolve or go too sticky when suspended in coconut oil. It does however exfoliate skin when rubbed into the skin prior to bathing or showering. Using a light oil massage oil in the formulation obviously preferable to enhance the glide if the product over the skin. This is how we developed Body Buff our daily exfoliating skin maintenance regime.

Exfoliating creams are usually made from a moisturising cream which has finely ground nut shells particles incorporated. The nut shells are the thing that does the exfoliating and works in a similar way to the sugar and oil. Used before showering. The sharp nature of these scrubs makes them unsuitable for irritated skin.Traditional Loofah

Aloeclear and exfoliation.
If you are suffering with painful, inflamed ingrown hair after hair removal then the thought of rubbing in an exfoliant or scrubbing with a Loofah may not appeal that much!! Thankfully Aloeclear offers a pain free alternative. Aloeclear contains Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid, both commonly used ingredients in cosmetic products and acne creams. Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid are both powerful exfoliants and with regular use will bring clear, fresh and healthy new skin to the surface. powerful moisturizers also act to soften, Mentha Pepperita cools and soothes. So in short with regular use Aloeclear will remove the need for manual exfoliation, particularly in tender areas line the neck, under arms and bikini line. Plus the best news of all is that Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid are both proven to have an anti aging effect on the skin, the latter often being used in extremely expensive skin care brands.

Aloeclear comes it s trial size. Called Bikini Saver they are priced at just £3.95 and offer 2-3 weeks protection for a bikini line.