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  • Aloeclear 120ml

    Aloeclear 120ml


    Aloeclear 120ml  is a soothing and cooling roll on gel solution. This economic size will last for months! Formulated to provide a 24 hours defense against ingrown hairs (particularly on the Bikini Line), effective on all parts of the body that you remove hair Stops razor rash and razor bumps, relieves any redness after hair removal.

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  • Aloeclear 60ml

    Aloeclear 60ml


    The 60ml size Aloe Clear that can be taken on planes! Aloeclear is a soothing and cooling roll on gel solution. Formulated to provide a 24 hours defense against ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn, or any redness after hair removal.

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  • Bikini Saver

    Aloeclear Bikini Saver


    Aloe Clear ‘trial size’ is a lip balm sized roll on that is enough to treat a Bikini line or neck line for 5 days. Aloe Clear 10ml is ideal for use ‘on the go’ and can be quickly and accurately re-applied throughout the day to suborn ingrows. This tiny roll on means no wasted product and is also ideal for accurate use after eyebrow threading and waxing.

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  • Aloeclear Salon size

    Aloeclear Salon size


    The Salon size 250ml Aloeclear for use in Salons Waxing specialists and Spas. This economical size is ideal to use for applying multiple applications from person to person.

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  • Aloeclear ULTRA


    Aloeclear Ultra is a stronger formulation for people with darker skin types or for those who suffer with continual ingrown hairs or razor rash after any kind of hair removal.

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  • Body Buff Exfoliating Body Balm


    Body Buff exfoliating body balm is a wonderful product for maintaining healthy skin all over the body. Body Buff will leave you with the softest, smoothest skin you never thought possible! So much more than just a sugar scrub Body Buff is a blend of essential oils that deliver glowing skin.

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  • Aloeclear Bikini bar


    Aloeclear exfoliating Bikini Bar with Aloe Vera is the perfect cleansing bar to maintain fresh and healthy skin around the bikini area. Bikini Bar is hand made from the finest Glycerin soap to gently cleanse and contains Aloe Vera leaf juice to moisturise and care for delicate skin. Each bar has a piece of Asian Luffa to gently exfoliate as you wash. Contains no artificial colours or preservatives and is sulfate free. No animal testing or ingredients suitable for Vegans. Dermatologically tested for optimum performance.

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  • Aloeclear Total Care set


    Aloeclear Total Care set, buy three of the 3 best Aloeclear products for delivering smooth blemish free skin and fighting ingrown hairs. Save £6.00 on the regular price!

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