Brazilian waxing

Waxing techniques 

Brazilian waxing is available throughout the world. Brazilian waxing or “The Brazilian” as it is known involves completely removal of hair from the lower regions of the body leaving intimate areas clear and smooth. Whilst the Brazilian is thought of as a more extreme form of bikini waxing it has now become mainstream with many celebrities proudly singing its praise.
Once only associated with females, the Brazilian is now popular with guys as well as well. The Brazilian, as the name suggests, originated in the carnivals and beaches of Brazil with ultra skimpy thongs and bikini’s making extreme waxing a must.

Waxing or removal of pubic hair has been practised in many countries around the world. Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome all had a long tradition of hair removal and waxing techniques. Muslim countries also have a tradition that involves the total removal of female body hair. The waxes that are used are often sugar-based and made with lemon, this what we now refer to as sugaring. Traditionally the sugaring preparation would be boiled up at home with the technique passed down through generations.

Waxing the genital area totally is relatively new concept to the west, developing mostly in the later half of the 20th century. In the Europe the practice of hair removal from the pubic area did not become common until the late 1980s.

Full body waxing, including genital waxing, initially became popular in the gay community, but is now extremely popular with younger heterosexual men. In the male version of the Brazilian wax, men will sometimes leave a triangle-shaped patch above the penis as this area can be very sensitive to irritation.

Having a Brazilian wax

A Brazilian wax starts with baby powder or talcum powder being applied to the area to be waxed. Talc prevents the hot wax from sticking to the skin which can result it tearing and damage to the skin which is both very painfull and unsightly. Next, as in othervwaxing preceedures, hot wax is spread over the area from which hair is to be removed. The wax is allowed to cool briefly, then one edge of the wax strip is pulled back quickly to pull off the rest of the wax, usually in the opposite direction of the hairs growth. This will remove the wax, hair, and any dead skin cells lying on the skin surface leaving clear fressh looking skin. The waxing professional will then finish with tweezers to remove any odd hairs that the waxing didnt get. Finally, the remaining areas of pubic hair are either trimmed with scissors, or clippers. The remaining hair can even be shaped in a particular pattern.

The pain experienced whilst undergoing Brazilian waxing can be quite extreme and can continue for quite some time (from several seconds to minutes). This is where Aloeclear is clearly superior to other after wax treatments as it can be applied straight after waxing giving cooling soothing relief. Most people willing to endure the Brazilian wax feel that the end result is worth the pain and discomfort. Many people feel that The Brazilian gets less painful the more you have it done as the hair becomes progressively finer and softer over time. Many products are available to lessen the chance of ingrown hairs, in particular Aloeclear which should be applied for at least 3 days after any waxing procedure as the effect is ruined if you get ingrown hairs and bumps.

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