Aloeclear is the “Roll on Solution” for ingrown hair.

Nothing is more effective in combating Ingrown hairs than Aloeclear. Thanks to its anti bacterial, exfoliating action and with a natural blend of moisturizing Aloe Vera, soothing Mentha Piperita, Aloeclear delivers the clearest, freshest skin possible after hair removal plus quickly lifting pre-existing ingrows to the surface.
But don’t take our word for it, look at the bottom of the page to see what a professional beautician found when she did a trail in her own salon!
Aloeclear is a roll on defence against ingrown hair, razor rash and skin irritation after hair removal. Suitable for all skin types. Aloeclear is ideal for use after any hair removal procedure including Waxing, Shaving, Sugaring, Threading and electrolysis.
This Aloe Vera rich formula instantly cools and calms skin bringing fast relief to after wax redness or razor burn. You will feel the cooling relief as soon as you apply.
Aloeclear does not sting like many of our competitor’s products. That is because we use less alcohol in our formula and replaced it with Aloe Vera liquids. Aloeclear has a pleasant tingle and cooling action on the skin, plus it has a pleasant, light, menthol fragrance.
  • Quote Thank you for introducing me to your amazing new product Aloe Clear, previously I have stocked PFB in my salon for clients to purchase after waxing but was looking for something new to help meet all clients expectations. I was keen to test it only on some of my clients who suffered most with ingrown hairs and within the week they had phone asking for more as it was working wonders! Other challenges with PFB was the amount of sting when applying it directly or a couple of days after waxing, Aloe Clear can be apply straight away without any uncomfortable stinging or burning another factor that my clients love. I am now only stocking Aloe Clear in my salon as its not only affordable but works to diminish ingrowing hairs! Quote
  • Quote  I am emailing as I wanted to thank you for supplying an ingrown hair product that really does work. I purchased some Bikini Savers at the Excel London show and having been giving them out to my clients after they have had a female intimate wax and the response I have received has been amazing. I had one lady who was suffering from the worse case of ingrown hairs that I have ever seen, she contacted me on Wednesday and advised that it Aloeclear is the best ingrown hair product she has ever used, Aloeclear has cleared up her ingrown hair leaving her with clear skin, and she requested that I get her a larger bottle. I had another lady that always gets a painful ingrown hair in the crease of her legs after ever wax, 24 hours after having the wax she started using Aloeclear and to her surprise on this occasion the ingrown hair has not made an appearance, she has used it on other ingrown hairs and they too have cleared up. I have order 4 x 60ml which arrived yesterday and have sold 3 already! Quote
  • Quote  You asked for feedback on Aloeclear Lotion, so I wanted to let you know that my painful ingrown hair that always makes an appearance in the crease of my legs after being waxed have not shown up! As recommended I applied the roll on gel onto the area 24 hours after you waxing and cant believe the difference it has made in just 4 days! Quote